Oh come on! Now your making it way to easy.

I think the top hat is going to my head. *shot*



Y’all need to get on my level

Yhat lagit made me laugh.


MLP Pro game too strong!

fucking flawless

For my next trick…

Finally got a reply on submitted skins.

Hello Roconza,

Our apologies for the delay in a reply. In general, things relating to the elemental flight itself, the dragon diety of that flight, or the environment of the flight are right on-target with what is looked for for a holiday contest.

Some skins utilize tertiary elements, such as things that those dragons prize, animals from the region, or abstract interpretations of the element. These types of entries are still applicable, but are a bit more risky to submit as you’ll need to convince several judges that the interpretation fits the flight.

Finally, there’s things that are submitted that have nothing to do with the holiday, element, or flight in any way. (IE: Random animals, complete abstractions, and things relating to earth-holidays.) These types of entries are incredibly unlikely to win, as they do not relate to the theme of the contest.

I hope this helps to understand what sorts of entries are looked for in a holiday skin. Thank you for playing Flight Rising, and have a great day!

Flight Rising Customer Support

Better late then never I guess. Still a bit vague but at least it clears some things up.

Your welcome by the way. *snort*

with the way player go on about it I like to think one day thrage will become like the boogieman.

"don’t under cut in the AH or thrage will get you"

"don’t exalt you dragons unnamed or thrage will smash your eggs"

"don’t like this post or thrage will give you seizures"

deviantART Forum: Looking for a furry/anthro artist


Sometimes when browsing people’s lairs I think ‘wow every dragon is hideous here, this lair needs to be exalted as a whole’

Who the hell made you the grand judge of dragons over here? I’ve seen some stupid shit submitted to this blog but this was just DOA.

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